Are you about to establish your business in a new country? Thanks to the Pipol network, you can now do it safely without worrying about problems with local laws and regulations. Beeing one of Pipols global partners we can now bring you the expertise in terms of consulting and implementation services all delivered by experienced and certified Dynamics suppliers around the globe.

Do you need a Dynamics partner who can help you in your international transformation?

It´s exciting with organizations who has the courage to try out a new market. When companies are entering new countries similar, or the same, challenges often appears. The problems are almost always related to local legal requirements, language barriers or foreign working culture. It can also be a question of infrastructural issues, like broadband availability, which can jeopardize the business success when entering a new market. When a organization develops and grows it can also appear conflicts within the organization which can aggravate your work. Especially if your company is situated in different countries. This is a situation where the right guidance is needed, both in local resources and implementations, delivered by consultants who has long experience of good project management.

A global Dynamics ERP network which are specialized
on Dynamics implementations

To be able to help companies who are trying to make a business in a new market, a new country, NAB has teamed up with the global network Pipol. Pipol is a global provider of Microsoft Dynamics solutions and represented in more then 65 countries. This opens the opportunity to help the costumer throughout their whole implementation journey in all different stages within the network. You can get the help you need in every stage of your business transformation – from identifying the problem – to strategies – and finally the execution.
For years Pipol has been helping large and small sized international companies with implementations across the globe. Their ambition is to harmonize processes, data and systems to drive business productivity and growth. This unique sourcing model can help us build the best team because we have the presence, within the Pipol Network, where your business is situated. In this network you will meet experienced consultants who has been working with Dynamics products for a long time. Together with a Pipol partner customers can feel safe when entering a new market.

Global partner creating value

Pipol is a global provider of Microsoft Dynamics solutions and specializes in creating value for international organizations.

Experts in the Dynamics area

Within the Pipol Network you can find Dynamics partners with broad competence and experience in the Dynamics area.

Widest range of services

Pipol offers organizations with an international wish the widest range of implementation and consulting services for Dynamics products around the globe

Together we can help you with:

  • Knowledge and competence in every stege of your implementation journey – from strategies to business processes, project management and local implementations.
  • As a Pipol partner we provide you with services that can help you improve businesses, support implementation & utilize technology.
  • If you want to learn more about Pipol you can visit Pipols blog and benefit from the collective knowledge, expertise and experience of their entire team.

Learning more

You find more information about Pipol and their work on their website here. If you have specific questions you can also contact our contact person here at NAB.

Linda Sönne