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Become a reseller and create world class business opportunities for your customers!

Now it’s time to team-up and create better businesses together. As a reseller you get the chance to expand your portfolio and help your customers to grow. It is a win-win situation.

Why should you become a reseller?



Become a link between the customer and our product and have a kickback on your work.


Microsoft Gold Partner

This guarantees great quality and competence in the products and services we deliver.


Implementation on us

You do the sales and we will help you with the implementation.



Possibility to offer a more custom-made solution on easy terms.


Scalable Solutions

Give your customers the right tools to easily grow their business.


Microsoft Plattform

Open up the ability for customers to use more of the Office 365 platform.

What do you re-sell? We call it StreamLine.

Our premade package is called StreamLine and that is the fastest way to get businesses up and running with Business central. Begin with the start package and then you can add applications and industry specific solutions to make the solution tailor made.

Begin with our starting package

Our premade package to get the fastest possible start with Business Central. The start package includes the essential features for accounting and invoicing.

Add industry specifik solutions

If you are in a specifik industry we might have a tailor made solution for you. We have built these solution from our experience from similar businesses.

Complete with apps

The last part is to complete your solution with apps. You can add functionality with a simple click and the apps are certified by Microsoft.

Team up with us today!

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Oh, are you selling Office 365 today? Great, then we are the perfect match!

If you are selling products or licenses from Microsoft today, we are definitely a good match. By becoming a reseller you open up the opportunity for your customer to use more within the Office 365 platform meanwhile you grow your own business portfolio. When combining our products with yours, we have the opportunity to deliver better solutions when customers are ready to expand. With great quality in the products we offer customers to develop their business by adding the functionalities they need, when they need it. As simple as that.

Contact us to learn more about teaming up with us!

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