TRAMA is the business application developed by NAB Solutions. TRAMA is developed to provide companies involved in e-commerce an efficient back-end platform that is fully integrated with Dynamics 365. Let the whole process, from purchase to delivery, be smooth and give your company the opportunity to improve its productivity. If your online sales increase the back-end process should still look the same. TRAMA helps you maintain a first-class customer experience when your business is growing. You can feel secure that the experience of your web shop and administrative process behind will remain the same even though your online sales are growing.

TRAMA contains all the functionality necessary to administer a web shop. This will help companies within wholesales, distribution and manufacturing to work seamlessly within Dynamics 365 and improve their business. You get the entire business process, from customers and vendors, inventory management, financial management to intelligent monitoring. TRAMA will give you a unique dimension management that can post up to eight dimensions. It creates conditions for comprehensive traceability of your transactions, which helps you increase your revenue.